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“He plays with breathtakingly appealing confidence, technique, skill and, most importantly, deeply penetrating understanding in a most demanding medium.”

— Michael Foster, The Canberra Times

“The talent of Con Campbell can be seen from the fact that he has mastered a style and form of music that is, 
in many ways, still foreign to the Australian tradition.”

— Del Stevenson, JazzChord

He “plays the tenor saxophone with a robust tone and technical assurance, in an energized style which looks back to Lockjaw Davis while showing some more contemporary influences…”

— John Clare, The Sydney Morning Herald

Con Campbell is “a young player and composer of great originality and energy who is musically mature beyond his years. There are many young players who have good technical facility… but it is much harder to find one who has a unique voice at this stage… Con has both in abundance.”

— James Morrison, Jazz multi-instrumentalist & virtuoso


“The members of KAVOS display exceptional musicianship throughout “Pirates of Piraeus.” The instrumental performances are nothing short of virtuosic, with each musician demonstrating their technical prowess and deep understanding of their respective instruments. The interplay between the instruments is a joy to behold, as the band members effortlessly navigate intricate melodies and complex rhythmic structures. The improvisational sections allow each musician to shine individually, showcasing their creativity and ability to push the boundaries of their craft.”

— Skylight Magazine



KAVOS, 2024 



Go Tell It On the Mountain

Transit, 2023


Pirates of Piraeus

KAVOS, 2023



Gospel Groove Music, 2010


Freedom in the Groove

Gospel Groove Music, 2006


The Gospel According to Groove

Emu Music, 2001


Con Campbell

Generations in Jazz, 1995

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